There’s a whole range of pills dedicated to curing insomnia and helping you sleep better. They give the impression that all you need to do is take this one pill every night and your sleep problems will be a thing of the past. But is it really that simple?

Medical guidelines only recommend sleeping pills for very short periods of time. They state that sleeping pills should never be taken long term or on repeat prescription. Why? Because sleeping pills have a whole host of undesirable side effects. Instead of curing insomnia, sleeping pills can make your insomnia even worse. Without careful management, sleeping pills can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, cause addiction, and have a huge impact on your long term health.

At Holistic Healing I have a few natural alternatives to sleeping pills that have really worked for me. These have been proved to be equally as effective at getting you to sleep, improving your quality of sleep and don’t have all the

unwanted side effects.

One has to ask what the root cause of the insomnia is. A lot of the time, it is caused by stress and an overactive mind that can’t relax at bedtime. Are you struggling with insomnia? Have you tried hypnosis?

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