Do you experience anxiety that keeps coming back? How often do you have low moods or feel overly emotional for no reason? How about aches and pains, digestive issues or headaches? Are you struggling with sleep? Do you feel like you have unresolved past traumas or hurts?

So many of my clients come to me with the same symptoms, and more often than not… it is due to a build up of chronic stress! If left unmanaged the symptoms just get worse until life can feel unbearable.

As an Integrative Holistic Practioner I help my clients manage and ease current symptoms. I work with them to bring their body, mind, and spirit back into balance to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.

I specialize in stress/anxiety, depression, sleep, gut health and food related issues. I use an intuitive approach along with years of experience, to get to the root cause… and I offer tools and therapies that will make you feel better and assist you on your healing journey.

My Services Include:
– Hypnotherapy and Coaching (online available)
– Energy Healing and Emotional Balance (online available)
– Lymphatic Drainage Massage
– TENS Therapy
– Bio Feedback Health Scans
– Rife Resonance Therapy

Stockist of:
– Vitamins and  Health supplements
– Florish Spore Probiotics
– Mood and Brain Food (natural anti depressants)
– Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies
– Collagen and diabetic friendly shakes
– Esoteric Products (smudge sticks, crystals, himalayan salt lamps, pendants)

I am also a distributor of:
– Ozone Machines (home and industrial generators)
– Rife Resonance Therapy Machines
– Quantum Analyzers and Scanning Decices
– TENS Device