About Holistic Healing Cape Town

Hayley Portrait

Hayley is a Transformational Therapist and practices in the leafy suburb of Meadowridge in Cape Town.

In 2000, she was really drawn to the benefits of holistic healing and started training in Aromatherapy and Massage, followed by Reiki Energy Healing. Hayley is a certified NLP coach and hypnotherapist, and has completed courses in touch for health kinesiology, transcendental meditation, breath work and mindfulness.

Apart from her many years of training and practice, she has valuable life experience and comes with a deep intuition and understanding of daily life stressors that often become magnified obstacles that keep us all from being fully content.

She specializes in stress/anxiety, depression and food related issues; but also works with a wide range of issues such as pain regulation, relationship issues, confidence, self-esteem and insomnia.

She has a unique, empathetic and gently approach, committed to helping her clients get the life they want.

As well as health, healing and meditation, her other interests include dancing, gym, gardening, enjoying a good series or time with friends.

Why Holistic Healing Cape Town?

Stress has a huge negative impact on our health- 80% of all disease is stress related. Some of the more common examples of stress related ailments are; insomnia, migraine, poor immune system, depression and anxiety, kidney disease, cancer, weight gain and digestive issues. Consistent worry, fear and a feeling of being unsafe or unsettled can have serious impact on your physical and emotional health.

Disease is simply the body’s inability to deal with stress. When our body’s usual coping mechanisms are put under strain for long periods of time, health problems arise. We undermine the seriousness of being stressed and often just “accept” that feeling stressed is part of modern living. We need to become aware that stress is NOT normal or acceptable and that it needs to be treated before it can do us long term damage.

Holistic Healing is not just a “luxury” or “pamper” treatment, it is an INVESTMENT … a crucial and essential part of wholeness and taking care of yourself. So please invest in yourself!

Are you feeling stressed?

Are you overstretched or just need time out?

Do you want to redirect the course of your life to align with your deepest values? To create a destiny that will bring you joy and satisfaction?

To achieve greatness through change?

Contact Hayley NOW on 084 3336331

“Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is wellbeing, Wellbeing is freedom from disease”. – Dr Mikao Usui