Glutathione is your liver’s best friend.  It is a simple molecule composed of three sulfur containing amino acids that help the body detoxify.  In today’s modern world, environmental toxins and poor diet combine to increase toxic load to a point where it is nearly impossible to get enough glutathione from dietary sources to offset toxic exposure.  This toxic load has serious consequences for weight loss and wellness.

Stubborn belly fat and obesity may be caused by toxins and free radicals produced by the body following the heavy intake of sugar and carbohydrates.  Uncontrolled buildup of toxins leads to a condition where the body stores more fat and uses less calories making weight loss more difficult.  Weight gain isn’t the only concern, though.  Long term build-up of toxins will lead to serious inflammatory diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disease.

The biochemical processes that govern fat metabolism and appetite are compromised under heavy toxic load.   Exercise and healthy diet may not be sufficient to offset high levels of toxicity.   Even diet products, diet pills and artificial sweeteners work against you by adding more toxins into the mix.

In addition, fat cells perform a protective function for the body.  If the liver and antioxidant levels are unhealthy, fat cells come to the rescue by storing toxins that cannot be handled by the body.  The body will then hold onto the fat cells until the body is healthy enough to handle the toxins that the fat has enveloped.

Glutathione along with Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are fat burning antioxidants that help to clear toxins from the body. They provide other benefits such as enhanced energy, improved cardio function, enhanced metabolism, hormone balancing, and enhanced mental clarity and concentration.

Are you struggling to lose weight, despite exercising and eating relatively well? Deficiency may be the reason.