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I reached out to Hayley in July 2019, and we set up a Reiki session. At that time I was working through a lot of past relationship attachment and trauma. I’d spent two years alone, trying to heal from a very intense, co-dependent relationship, and felt that it was time to really let the relationship go. I had a sense that new love wanted to come in for me, but that I wasn’t emotionally ready for it.

When first meeting Hayley, I felt immediately comfortable and at ease. The energy she exudes, and the energy of her work space is very grounding. Walking in there, I felt like I could breath. Working with her I felt I could talk openly and honestly and that there was no judgement. She asked me a few questions before the Reiki session, and we spoke about my motivation for being there. As a counsellor myself, it was so great to have someone who was able to hold space for me, and to feel comfortable sharing from a more spiritual perspective.

Hayley has an incredible gift when working with energy. During the Reiki session, I could feel the heat coming off her hands from about a meter away. She helped me release a lot of negative energy, some of which I believe came from my past patients, and some of which I had been carrying with me from childhood. After the session she followed up with me which I really appreciated.

Our second session together we did Hypnotherapy, at Hayley’s suggestion. I had never experienced it before, and was a little apprehensive. Because of how at ease I felt during the Reiki session, and how comfortable and safe I felt with Hayley, I decided to try it. I loved how much I was involved in the session. Before we started Hypnotherapy, we spoke about what I was wanting from the session and any concerns I may have had. Hayley explained the process to me in a very clear way, and at no point did I feel pressured. Any concerns I had previously, were gone. Hayley counted down and her voice guided me into a very peaceful state. It reminded me of the blissful state I have experienced in meditation, although the rate in which I reached this stillness was much faster. I was aware of everything around me, and listened to Hayley’s voice the entire time. I felt completely in control and at peace.

In the two Hypnotherapy sessions we did together, Hayley helped me to distinguish between my fear and my intuition. She helped me to distinguish between who to trust and who not to. After dating so many narcissists, and after attracting so many wounded people into my life, I needed to learn to trust my inner guiding system again. Hypnotherapy helped me to do that.

Since my two Hypnotherapy sessions I have been back to Hayley for Reiki, and plan to continue working with her on raising my vibration both through Reiki and Hypnotherapy. The energetic and emotional shift within me has been incredible. I am now attracting much better people into my life, and feel incredibly positive about what I have manifested. I am also in a new, beautiful, balanced love relationship.

I would recommend Holistic Healing Cape Town to anybody, and plan to refer my own patients to Hayley in the future.


A wonderful aroma massage is just what the doctor ordered, and Hayley delivered. Gentle touch that instinctively knew where my body needed some attention. Forget facials and a manicure, a good massage is worth 20 of each. Thanks Hayley!

Bernice P

I started seeing Hayley for a massage where she included some energy healing. It was the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had. We then decided to do a combination of coaching, energy healing and hypnotherapy including CBT. I love that I can get all these treatments from one person instead of seeing several therapists. I am a shift worker and my sleep has improved a lot! I can also see a shift in my thinking patterns and the way I manage my time. I’m really looking forward to see further changes while continuing working with Hayley.

Nicky P

Hayley is a special kind of therapist who intuitively knows how to treat each client individually according to their needs. I’ve had her reiki chakra balance, lymph drainage massage and recently hypnosis – she’s outstanding and could easily come with a “money back” guarantee. I started going to her on recommendation off the “best thing ever” website and she truly is the BTE. I had a golf ball size fibroid which through her therapies has all but disappeared, and yesterday after a hypnosis session, I took the courage to alter a 6 month stagnant pattern of mine which had a profoundly positive effect on my daily life

Vanessa F

I had the opportunity recently to experience my first holistic massage with Hayley. Not knowing what to expect, I hoped only that it would help with a nagging low grade headache id had for days. Short story is that it most definitely did. But the longer version is that it left me with an overall sense of wellbeing and calm. I read this little verse recently and it made me think of Hayley and her real holistic healing talent. “Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace of soul. It comes from love and laughter”

Janice R

I have just been to Holistic Healing Cape Town for a reiki chakra balance. What an absolute treat – I feel absolutely amazing, feeling a really deep calm and peacefulness within myself. Hayley has such a gentle, connecting way of working with me. At all times I felt held in a very safe space and as she worked with my energy, I could feel myself relaxing more and more, at the same time I could feel myself coming more and more into balance. This was an extremely powerful session for me and it was handled with the utmost gentleness. I will be back for more

Kim C

My process with Hayley has been extremely rewarding. Using her hypnotherapy skills, Hayley facilitated sub conscious shifts in my psyche revealing and relieving me of a barrier which has been sabotaging me for years. The sessions themselves are soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend going down the hypnotherapy road with Hayley, if you are committed to change and growth in your life


I feel incredibly fortunate to have been referred to Hayley almost six months ago.Right from the first free session which I was invited to, to see if we clicked, I felt an amazing connection and left feeling totally relaxed.

My first proper session was Reiki…Hayley is really gifted in that she can pick up on problems, stressors and emotions that you are not even aware of.Hayley gently but firmly encourages one to examine your feelings and to come up with your own solutions. She stresses how important it is to move on and not dwell in the past.I have been lucky enough to experience quite a few hypnotherapy sessions. While I was quite apprehensive at first , Hayley did the whole session very gently and with a lot of reassurance.

Hayley has taught me how to minimize stress in my life, better communication, problem solving, and is very positive when it comes to things like body image and confidence, as well as suggesting natural remedies for physical ailments.
I have really enjoyed working with Hayley and appreciate all she has done for me.

Cathy T


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