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Holistic Healing welcomes all ages and practices from a professional studio in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, providing you a tranquil and safe space away from the stressors of your busy life.

“He who looks outside, dreams; he who looks within, awakens”. –Carl Jung

Why choose Holistic Healing?

Everyone experiences some level of stress and /or anxiety, but what happens when it starts affecting other areas of your life and you can’t control it on your own? At Holistic Healing I create a safe, judgement-free space where you WILL feel heard and can explore the issues that are causing you problems and holding you back.

What I offer my clients

Strengthened coping skills and tools to help you navigate through the external and internal stressors you are facing

Various therapies like hypnosis, coaching, reiki energy healing and massage to resolve and clear the energy blockages and also aid relaxation.

Holistic solutions like homeopathy, herbal, aromatherapy and natural alternatives to assist with any ailments that arise.

Are you currently experiencing Physical, Mental or Emotional anguish? How about Back pain, IBS, Weight gain, Insomnia or anxious thoughts? Have you grown weary of modern medicines profit driven approach to your well-being?

My belief is that sometimes modern medicine doesn’t offer a comprehensive enough approach to our health issues and too often only treats symptoms instead of root causes. Our minds and bodies are connected, so oftentimes when we are struggling with a particular physical issue, there is more times than not, a deeper emotional trauma underlying it.

Everyone has the inherent ability to heal themselves… but to improve our well-being and heal from physical and emotional discomfort, we need to look at ourselves as a “whole” and not as separate parts.

This is why, at Holistic Healing, I use a holistic approach allowing my clients to develop a relationship with their mind and body and a sense of empowerment with its processes. The end result is that there is less dependency on outside help that often serves to provide only temporary relief.

In session, I make use of a number of holistic therapies such as hypnosis, coaching, energy healing and massage. Restoring your sense of well-being, bringing you back into balance and motivating you to succeed in whatever you are aiming towards, is my main goal.

Together we can start treating causes.. not symptoms.

Skype Sessions now Available for Coaching and Hypnotherapy. [email protected]
Your well being journey begins here!

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