I feel incredibly fortunate to have been referred to Hayley almost six months ago.Right from the first free session which I was invited to, to see if we clicked, I felt an amazing connection and left feeling totally relaxed. My first proper session was Reiki…Hayley is really gifted in that she can pick up on […]
Hayley is a special kind of therapist who intuitively knows how to treat each client individually according to their needs. I’ve had her reiki chakra balance, lymph drainage massage and recently hypnosis – she’s outstanding and could easily come with a “money back” guarantee. I started going to her on recommendation off the “best thing […]
I started seeing Hayley for a massage where she included some energy healing. It was the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had. We then decided to do a combination of coaching, energy healing and hypnotherapy including CBT. I love that I can get all these treatments from one person instead of seeing several therapists. I […]
I have just been to Holistic Healing Cape Town for a reiki chakra balance. What an absolute treat – I feel absolutely amazing, feeling a really deep calm and peacefulness within myself. Hayley has such a gentle, connecting way of working with me. At all times I felt held in a very safe space and […]
A wonderful aroma massage is just what the doctor ordered, and Hayley delivered. Gentle touch that instinctively knew where my body needed some attention. Forget facials and a manicure, a good massage is worth 20 of each. Thanks Hayley!
I reached out to Hayley in July 2019, and we set up a Reiki session. At that time I was working through a lot of past relationship attachment and trauma. I'd spent two years alone, trying to heal from a very intense, co-dependent relationship, and felt that it was time to really let the relationship go. I had a sense that new love wanted to come in for me, but that I wasn't emotionally ready for it. […]
I had the opportunity recently to experience my first holistic massage with Hayley. Not knowing what to expect, I hoped only that it would help with a nagging low grade headache id had for days. Short story is that it most definitely did. But the longer version is that it left me with an overall […]
My process with Hayley has been extremely rewarding. Using her hypnotherapy skills, Hayley facilitated sub conscious shifts in my psyche revealing and relieving me of a barrier which has been sabotaging me for years. The sessions themselves are soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend going down the hypnotherapy road with Hayley, if you are committed […]