Are you suffering with Gut issues, Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue, Memory loss, Depression, Obesity, Acidity, Headaches etc.?

At Holistic Healing we have the solution!: Meta therapy based on creating an energy that stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal. This therapy offers excellent results in areas such as weak immune systems, acute and chronic pain and inflammation and allergies. Also old age related illnesses, stress, arthritis, hormonal disturbances, spinal symptoms, eczema, etc. 

Revolutionary, non-invasive, as well as extremely effective. 

The brain plays more than a thinking role in the body; and mind-body communication has a direct effect on holistic health. 

“Everything in life is vibration” – Albert Einstein

What is the Body Sonic and how can it help you?

To put it simply: “The Body Sonic MRA (magnetic resonance analyser) is a decoder of the frequencies emitted by the different organs of one’s body”.

Our central nervous system and body can be severely affected by both internal and external stress, excessive demands and unnatural food products, environmental toxins, pathogens in our bodies excreting their toxins and geopathic stress, which results in a malfunction of the immune system. The symptomatic reaction to this is inflammation, allergies, chronic immune diseases and exhaustion.

The Body Sonic MRA Scanner is one of the most extensive comparison computerized health analysis systems on the market. It determines your current health position by performing a comprehensive body scan revealing the energy levels of each organ in your body and can detect anomalies. Your brain communicates with your organs all the time through electric signals detecting and trying to correct energy imbalances. The MRA scanner measures these signals to detect energy imbalances. It reveals symptoms, psychological problems, micro-organisms, allergies, parasites and pollutants in the body and can assist with suggesting medication remedies that are safe and compatible to your health profile.

The META Therapy it provides enables the body to cope with symptoms, toxins and allergens, and to eliminate them. The therapy optimizes the energy system of the body by boosting the immune system and the capacity for self-healing. It is a gentle, pleasant and relaxing therapy.

What does the Treatment process involve?

A two-step therapy process:

  1. Diagnosing – We identify problems in your body, causes of stresses and blockages in your energy system.
  2. Therapy – You will receive the exact amount of frequency information necessary for healing.

My clients sit or lie comfortably in front of the Body Sonic device and wear special headphones for 15-30 minutes.

The Body Sonic MRA Scanner scans the body and identifies low energy levels of organs which are an indication of abnormalities of the norm. The low energy levels may indicate a health problem, damaged tissue, stress, presence of pollutants or an impending ailment. During this time there is a collection of information about the state of your bio field. After this, various analyses are performed and summaries are displayed reflecting your energetic status. Colour icons show various degrees of unstable magnetic vortex states displayed on the computer screens virtual model.

From here, I can compare the computer displays to the similarity of the reference bio field processes (healthy bio field, altered tissue bio field, infectious agent’s bio field) and identifies the closest emerging bio field process or tendency. With a list of over 1000 bio field anatomy parts, detailed descriptions of every pathological bio field process, virus and bacteria bio fields, suggested herb bio fields, remedy preparation tool, Meta-therapy, and many other parts, the BODYSONIC is simply amazing in its accuracy and detail.

The ultimate goal will be to help you increase relaxation, relieve pain, increase cellular health and develop healthier, more comfortable life patterns while enhancing your bio field matrix. The changes and possibilities will be up to you.

The Causes of Stresses:

The following causes of stresses and problems in the body can be identified as well as treated:
  • Organs – Identifying chronic infections, degeneration or metabolic disturbances and autoimmune deficiencies
  • Tissues, skeleton, muscles, blood (arteries and veins) – environmental or metabolic toxins stored, acute or chronic infections
  • Central nervous system and lymph nodes – stress reactions are present due to emotional issues or external excessive demands. Our lymph nodes are blocked by various toxins. All of this affects our central nervous system
  • Toxins, chemicals and allergens – heavy metals, fungicides, hormones, pollutants and food allergies can all attack our immune system and increase the PH levels in the body causing it to become acidic
  • Bacterial, viruses and fungal infections – slows down body functions and reduces the effectiveness of the immune system, stealing nutrients from the food we eat and excreting the toxins into our body.

Healing through Information

Bio resonance META therapy is a painless therapy that deals with the hidden causes of disease and poor health by assessing and then normalizing energetic imbalances. Toxic substances in the body such as infections, inflammations, chemicals and heavy metals alter the body’s normal pattern. The body begins to adapt to the new frequencies, causing illness or other disorders. Using bio resonance to modify and correct energy patterns, it allows the body to return its natural healthy state. This results in the body being free of addictions, allergies, and pain as it enhances the body’s own regulation and detoxification. 

The body needs to detoxify itself of accumulated wastes, to allow nutrients to be delivered at a cellular level. A healthy diet is necessary along with bio resonance and I will recommend the best diet for you along with any supplements that may be needed. 

Body Sonic Science and Technology – How it works?

The principles of Quantum Entropy Logic-BODYSONIC developed by modern day Russian scientists reveal that biological structures have a bioenergy field that includes magnetic vortex oscillations recorded on a matrix. Pathological biological processes have associated unstable magnetic vortex states (Meta states).  

These same Russian scientists developed the technology to isolate and record the unstable magnetic vortex states associated with the corresponding biological processes. The BODYSONIC device is the most advanced Resonance spectroscopy analysis/Quantum resonance analysis/Acoustic resonance analysis/Tomography scanning available today. Assessment of the body is due to resonant amplification of the magnetic vortex states. Each organ has a specific, frequency range of magnetic vortex states, which are displayed in chart form. Any biological process, whether healthy or pathological has very specific magnetic vortex oscillations.  

These are stored in the computer memory and take into account the severity, age, gender and other characteristics of the subjects. The BODYSONIC device technology is classified as biofeedback technology. Data is collected by resonance amplification of the magnetic vortex states of the entire bio field matrix by using trigger sensors. By using a computer driven instrument in a safe, non-invasive, painless and effective way, information about the entire bio field matrix is displayed down to the level of the chromosome bio field.

Skype and/or Whatsapp Consultations are available for Coaching and Hypnotherapy. We also offer Reiki Distance Healing (for International clients and those not based in Cape Town.We can provide a virtual Health Scan (if we have a nail/hair DNA sample or photo of the person or animal) Your wellbeing journey begins here! Get Started